You too can turn your life around – Learn how to become your own fairy godmother

Welcome! I am excited you are here.

Having survived and thrived through many difficult life experiences.

Creating a magical life that I love and a 20 year career in Learning has meant that I am obsessed with personal growth and development. I love helping others realise how they too can turn their lives around, creating a magical life that they love.

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“ Every belief you hold to be true drives your thought patterns and behaviours, which in turn determine the Outcomes in your life”

What beliefs are driving your life?

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What I do

My role as a Mindset Healer is to work with individuals and groups to facilitate positive mindset shifts and deep healing. By identifying key pain points in your life, I will help you transform this pain into power, to create a life you will love.

Did you know that 95% of your life is run by your subconscious mind?

How I work

We will work together to understand your current programming and subconscious patterns. Helping us to identify the rewiring required to transform the areas in your life that need your attention, leading to greater abundance & wealth in: Career, Relationships and  Money


Soul Doctor

I had three sessions with Lazara.   From the very first session I was able to quickly gain awareness, a deeper understanding and choose wither to accept, work on or re-home the ghosts from my past that had a negative hold on my present.

With Lazara’s approach, guidance, and presence I felt secure enough to open up, go very, very deep and to trust the process.  Her approach and techniques are engaging, encouraging and enlightening.

Simply put she is a soul doctor that I am forever grateful to have had guide me on my journey of discovery and healing.

Lyndsay - Sales Director - Logistics Company

Her inner strength is a gift to help anyone!

Lazara does not just settle for being the best. Banking is a competitive place and Lazara has proven she can achieve at the top performing level wherever she goes whether that’s the UK, Europe or Asia. She is always THE go-to person to get hard problems solved with her forever positivity and magical proficiency. Yet what defines Lazara is much more - her inner strength has given her a gift to keep pushing and make impossible a reality and that inspiration can surely help anyone through their life journey to make it a fuller and amazing experience

Wendy Lee - HR Head and Board Director
Hong Kong

A vibrant energy that lit up any room she was in

I worked directly with Lazara for a few years and we have stayed connected ever since. What I recall the most about her is a vibrant energy that lit up any room she was in. Lazara always saw a world of opportunities in place of the knotty issue we would be working through - and she did that in an easy, friendly, caring way that got others involved and engaged.

Bhavya Shah - Head of Retail Banking and Board Director

Genuine interest in people and their development

A great professional who has geniune interest in people, their development and engagement. And does it with real empathy and care.

Taylan - Global Head of Retail Banking

Decades of expertise makes her a go to coach

Lazara is naturally gifted. Her ability to listen deeply, make you feel comfortable and ok to get vulnerable is comforting, reassuring and certainly empowering. Her decades of expertise makes her a go to coach that can be trusted and also accountable for results. May it be coaching, RTT, mentoring, speaking, Lazara is true to her words and her passion for her work makes her an elite professional in her field. Its a real joy to get to work with Lazara

Melanie - Consultant, Moderator and Speaker

Highly Recommend

My discussions and coaching sessions with Lazara during a big step up in my career to a global role at a financial services giant were essential in helping me find the right language to negotiate a total compensation package much closer to my expectations. Without her input I would probably not been able to move into my new global role feeling respected and with knowledge I was valued by my new employer. I would highly recommend engaging with Lazara and her considered, mindful perspectives to help you be the global leader you know you can be.

James - Global Head of IT

Empowered me to gain clarity on my personal and professional life

Lazara is passionate about helping others fin their passion in life. She has helped ignite a spark in my life. Our sessions together have been enlightening, provoking, inspiring and reflective. She has empowered me to gain clarity in my person and profession life.

Nifraz Rifaz - Head Of Communications
Hong Kong

Love and light in human form

This incredible lady is love and light in human form. My wealthiest friend in heart, mind and soul.

Nikki Davies, Diversity and Inclusion Director
Hong Kong