And The Truth Will Set You free…

By Lazara Canton

A few days ago I completed my first RTT (Rapid Transformation Therapy) session with my own therapist.

It was amazing and precisely the reset that I needed going into a year full of hope and expectations. Something that had been troubling my mind for decades came to the surface during the session. This ‘thing’ that I had been hiding from myself for years for fear and shame, turned out to be a pretty common fear and experience held by others.

“If I had a penny for each time this comes up” was the response from my therapist at the end.

And so I am once again reminded of how freeing it feels to face into our pain and darkness. In order to turn it around.


We all have them.

Those impermissible thoughts and feelings. Typically about ourselves. Typically about things we’ve done, or not that we hoard in the recesses of our minds.

We keep them there, afraid. Not wanting to fully grasp what they may reveal about us or our worthiness in the world.

They tend to favour the wee hours of the night. When everyone else is asleep – they have a more captive audience then.

There they stay in the darkness – showing you just enough of their contents, just enough to generate or maintain just enough fear, just enough of a reminder

That maybe you are not enough.

What if I told you that if we were to give them a voice they would surprise you.

“I am here to protect you” they would say. “You created me.

“When you were 5 years old, To escape from that difficult situation.

And since you’re childlike mind was not able to deal with the feelings they had about the situation

I came into being – to help keep you safe”

and consequently, keep you small

You have been carrying me around since. You my not even realise or understand – I’m buried so so deep

What if I told you that I could help you with this, I could help uncover these deeper thoughts and better still, their deeper meaning.

And the best part is this. When you do finally bring these feelings out into the light you realising something significant

The most freeing power of all is in understanding your darkness, bringing into light.

The very thing that you’ve been afraid to look at can be the key to your biggest transformation.

What if the very thing that you’ve been hiding from, Is in fact the only thing that can set you free.

If this message resonates with you, reach out to me today to arrange a free consultation call.

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