So What’s She Up To Now?

By Lazara Canton

Well, I think I’ve come full circle ⭕️

It’s been over three years since I ‘resigned’ from my corporate leadership development career in Hong Kong & for the second time it feels like I’ve come home.

This story begins in a Contact Center in Hamilton, Scotland. I was in my early 20’s & at the time getting my work finished to pick up my toddler from nursery was my main goal!

I stepped into a career in finance, but in reality I leaped into an obsession with personal growth & development.

The company I joined was first direct. Never before & never since have I worked for an organisation whose values & integrity were so aligned to my own.

Finally I felt like I knew what I wanted to do in the world, I felt like I was home.

Within the warehouse-like walls of first direct I learned that I was good at three key things, so when I embraced these skills & this knowledge, it took my career all around the world & back again.

As I’ve searched for my ‘what’s next?’ I realise now that everything I’ve loved & that every success, leads me back to that initial spark, that remembering of what I’m here to do.

The Three Things…

The power of human connection

Customer experience, sales performance &  leadership are driven by our ability to connect with others. I’ve facilitated sessions on each, in various countries. Each time I’ve left the room with an even greater excitement & enthusiasm for life.

The power of our mind

I know what it feels like to be the very worst version of me, being on my knees & I’ve made the impossible, possible, living a life that I love.

I knew the first time I saw the model on a flipchart in first direct. Belief drives behaviour & behaviour drives outcome. It felt like the trainer was showing me the blueprint of my life. I’ve used it in every development interaction since. I’ve designed & even trained with Marisa Peer in Rapid Transformational Therapy to go deeper into unlocking beliefs.

The capacity we each hold for personal growth & development

As uncomfortable & painful as it can sometimes feel, standing still can be suffocating. I get that the mind loves & hangs onto what’s familiar. Yet what’s the cost of not growing?

Being able to see the transformational shifts in the most cynical of learners still surprises me. You can actually feel & see the light they’ve switched on within them. How brilliant is that?

So What’s Next?

I’m looking to hear from HR professionals, those in leadership roles, those who want to grow & develop in an exponential way.

I’m collaborating with the most brilliant people to bring more of this to the world.

My work will pivot back to group learning programmes, within the magical three areas I’ve mentioned.

I am opening up to opportunities & building offers that align to ME & my skills, because it’s only in this space that I feel like I’m home.

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