What Do Arnold Schwarzenegger And I Have In Common?

By Lazara Canton

It’s clearly not the physical strength and body sculpting, that’s Simon’s lane.

Perhaps it’s knowing, from a young age, that you belong to another country, perhaps.
Could it be distinctive accents or that we both lost our only siblings and fathers at younger age that connects us both.

As I watched the first instalment of his new documentary on Netflix last night I was amazed, I had goosebumps. I felt a deep resonance with his mindset and approach to making the impossible possible.

Arnold described how he approached his rise to superstardom, the focus, the determination he had. He used the power of his mind to get the job done.
As he described the moment he made it to Mr Universe  “it all just came together” he said. Relaxed and assured.

At which point my husband and I turned to each other and smiled. Actually Arnold it didn’t just all come together. We’d just watched his completely insane exercise routine that had even Simon in shock.

So what do we have in common again?

A phrase that I often hear when I give people a glimpse of my lifestyle is ‘ You’re soo lucky!”  Yes I am lucky and grateful.

And like Arnold, I’ve had a fierce determination and tenacity for more than 20 years. A strong mindset to visualise, to dig deep and focus on what needs to get done in order to make this life happen.

From the beginning I knew and believed I could make the impossible, possible, in this mode the steps I’ve taken have feel easy, effortless.

So when at the age of around 25 years  – to ask to speak to the head of learning to describe to me in detail the exact steps I had to take to get into her job, at this point with no qualifications or real experience, I felt no embarrassment or fear of judgement. I remember her smile as she realised how serious I was!

Or when I arrived at the riots and civil unrest in Istanbul  to complete a tough project as a single parent and a colleague said – That’s a really brave move, is it? I answered. My bravery hadn’t occurred to me. I knew it was the right move.

Fast forward to my final years in corporate in Hong Kong – I used to spend the 27 mins ferry ride each way in guided mediation, whilst I visualised exactly the type of person I wanted to spend my life with, how I wanted to live and the life that would eventually live.

I’ve had a few distractions, some twists and turns. Deep healing had to occur. So with the miraculous birth of my second child, Santi, a gift from the gods, I  did it all my own way and on my own terms, I published my memoir and trained in Rapid Transformational Therapy.

And so I agree that when you focus down, when you believe with every fibre of your being that what you’re working is possible for you and is in alignment to your path. The work that needs to be done becomes effortless  – it’s all part of the process.

Arnold so I agree, one day it feels like it just all comes together.

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