I Need Somebody To Help Me!

By Lazara Canton

How often do you ask others for help? As you reflect on the biggest things you’re currently grappling with, have you reached out and asked for help?

Here’s the thing: there are significant energy shifts available to us all in many different ways.

As I wrap up my memoir and reflect on my life, I’ve come to a significant conclusion: if only I had the strength to utter the above words, things would have been way simpler – a road less lonely and way less painful.

If only I had been able to see through the deep veil of grief and despair that had me trapped for a while, I would have realised help was available to me.

During my Wednesday morning meditation and chat with my ‘spirit guides’ I was given an usual message ‘look out for a Number One’.

I pondered this during my gym session then forgot all about it as I went about my day.

I’ve only just started to watch TV again and I’m totally in love with and in awe of the show This is Us. It’s tremendous. In fact, I’d say it’s essential viewing for families or those who’ve lost a parent; in fact everyone who has a beating heart! Watch it. And get the tissues ready.

I managed to squeeze in an episode before Santi returned from nursery. It was a particularly tough episode where Kevin, like me, loses the chain his dad gave to him before he died.

A broken man, Kevin (the main character in this episode) is seen sobbing on his knees screaming ‘I need someone to help me’. This coincides with a flashback of his dad talking to him beautifully about how important he is to him. How special he truly is.

It hit me so hard that I paused the TV. Suddenly, I was reminded of the message from that morning.

As I replayed the episode, there it was, right in front of me on the screen.

This is Us. S2. Episode 8 ‘Number One’

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