What if The Truth Of Us Is This: That We Are Powerful Beyond Belief

By Lazara Canton

We spend too much time wondering if we’re good enough. Our subconscious minds are driven by defense mechanisms and childhood problems that were useful to us as kids but bear no significance on our grown adult minds and lives.

Typically, our child-like minds, in a number of situations, would jump immediately to this conclusion: ‘I must not be good enough.’

The majority of us muddle along with this damaging, limiting belief humming in the background of our psyche, with little or no tools to help unpack what may be covering the truth of who we really are.

Society plays directly into our fears and self judgements, ever willing to remind us that unless we have it all, look great and are happy most of the time then we can’t be good enough.

I’ve been talking a lot recently about the world renowned expert of trauma and addiction Gabor Mate. In his new book The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness, & Healing in a Toxic Culture he explains how previous western notions of ‘Normal’ are actually false. He shares how western society’s approach of carrying on as though nothing is wrong is actually the cause of trauma. What we previously thought as being ‘Normal’ is anything but!

So what is the truth of us and how do we uncover it?

There is so much information and self-help tools available nowadays but I am not sure how accessible these are to the masses, and if they are, how do you decide which ones are the right ones for your healing journey?

Having thrived in life despite experiencing trauma in all sizes, the most critical part is to be able to assess the reality of our lives and our beliefs – without judgment to be able to look around and say ‘actually this is not working for me’. 

Too often we close the door on all that causes us pain – not recognising that this very pain we shun holds the key to the door to a better future. 

In the end it took a few different forms of support for me to uncover what was under all the shame and pain and headache. All those impermissible thoughts and limiting beliefs have been unraveled through a perfect combination of tools and techniques that I continue to use regularly with myself and my clients. 

The most exciting and exhilarating part of your healing journey is this: when you begin to uncover the truth of who you really are and the power you’ve always known was within you begins to shine brighter the more you clear away old beliefs and thought patterns. 


Once you get a glimpse of the real you, there is no turning back. 

As soon as you cultivate and own your power, your world will open up to possibilities that previously were beyond belief.

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